Success Entertainment Sues Malicious Netizen For Defaming BTS

With regards to pernicious exercises, including unfounded bits of gossip, inappropriate behavior, and individual assaults, the organization adopts a zero-resistance strategy. On September 24, Big Hit Entertainment delivered an announcement to refresh fans about their present legitimate procedures.

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A netizen, for whom Big Hit Entertainment recorded three criminal grievances, has gotten the most extreme sentence for consistently stigmatizing BTS through online postings. They have been condemned to pay the most extreme fine of 4 million won ($3,403 USD) for each of the three charges. In Korea, those saw as blameworthy of maligning can be condemned as long as one year in jail.

Success Entertainment is presently during the time spent recording more criminal grumblings against netizens who consistently compose abusive posts about BTS even in the wake of being addressed by police. The office says, “If these culprits keep on taking part in crimes after a court sentence, we intend to petition for harms in common court and there will be no settlement or mercy.”

Dwan to Play $200/$400 PLO With Galfond, Cates and Others

Tom “durrrr” Dwan was originally set to return for three days of “Poker After Dark” tapings this week, though he was forced to miss Tuesday for an undisclosed reason.

On Wednesday evening, however, Dwan will be returning to play some $300/$600 Pot Limit Omaha in what “Poker After Dark” has dubbed, “Judi Online” week.

Tonight’s line-up will look like this:

Tonight’s taping should provide some extra intrigue given the history between Dwan and Daniel “Jungleman” Cates. After all, the second “Durrrr Challenge” between Cates and Dwan got underway a number of years ago (before “Black Friday”) – there have been rumors about the status of the challenge, with Cates recently stating that Dwan has been paying penalties for not finishing up the “Challenge” in a timely fashion. In addition, Cates says he also believes that the two players will eventually finish the Challenge, but practically nobody within the poker community actually believes that.

How is COVID-19 Impacting Advertising, Marketing and Media

How Has the Pandemic Impacted Our Industry on Situs Poker Online?
Like everyone else, those of us who work in media, advertising and marketing have seen a dramatic disruption to our work and daily lives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies have instructed employees to work from home in order to practice better social distancing.

But social distancing also places a unique spotlight on our industry. The more society leans into social distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the more each of us will rely on media, especially digital media, to keep us informed, working, learning and entertained. Here are just a few examples of what I’m talking about:

PBS and the Los Angeles Unified School District (the largest in the nation) teamed up to launch distance learning.
Video-conferencing services and collaborative working tools have become essential to a distributed workforce.
Entertainment is now home entertainment. One noteworthy example: Universal shifted its theatrical releases to streaming.
Many phone, cable and ISP companies are vowing to keep customers connected, even if they can’t pay right now.

Already, we’re seeing the early impact of this shift to a more digital society. In the U.S., our Brand Intelligence tool shows a 40% boost in COVID-19 content engagement. With so much news changing so quickly, it seems likely that reading, viewing and listening to COVID-19 related content will continue to grow in the coming days, weeks and months. Likewise, as more and more people are being asked to stay home, we’re also seeing a rise in digital video and connected TV impressions. Our internal research shows a 10% week-over-week increase in ad opportunities globally.

Is any of this surprising? In short, no. The Internet is a necessary tool for sharing information, and its importance only grows in the face of a crisis like this one. Social media provides a mechanism for both distributing information and combating social isolation. Digital video keeps us informed and entertained while providing important distance learning tools for students who have seen the school year disrupted. At the same time, television, especially connected TV, is both an important source of news and entertainment.

4 Ways to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

Apple iPhones have been around since 2007. Each year has brought better graphics, more features, and an ever-growing number of available apps and Iphone Cases. Although these advancements are generally a good thing, they can take a toll on battery life.

Here are 10 ways you can conserve battery power on iPhones running iOS 7 or later:

1. Turn Down the Brightness of the Screen

The dimmer your iPhone’s screen and LG Cases, the more battery power you will save. You can manually dim the screen in the Settings app. Go to either the “Brightness & Wallpaper” section (iOS 7) or the “Display & Brightness” section (iOS 8 and later). Here you can decrease the brightness by moving the “Brightness” slider to the left.

Alternatively, you can use iPhone’s Auto-Brightness feature if your smartphone has an ambient light sensor. This feature is available if you see the “Auto-Brightness” option under the “Brightness” slider. When the feature is enabled, it will automatically dim the screen when the ambient light is low and boost the screen’s brightness in well-lit locations (e.g., outdoors on a sunny day).

2. Do Not Use Dynamic Backgrounds

In iOS 7, Apple introduced dynamic backgrounds, which are animated wallpapers. When selecting a background in the “Wallpapers & Backgrounds” section in the Settings app, avoid using a dynamic one to save battery power.

3. Take Advantage of the “Reduce Motion” Option

To create the perception of depth on the Home screen and movement in other areas, newer iPhones use the parallax effect. While nice to look at, it uses more battery power. You can turn on the “Reduce Motion” option to reduce this special effect and its drain on your battery. To do so, go to the “General” section in the Settings app, tap “Accessibility”, and enable the “Reduce Motion” option.

4. Disable the Background App Refresh Feature

The Background App Refresh feature identifies the apps you use most often and then automatically refreshes the content of those apps whenever your iPhone is connected to the Internet or Wi-Fi. As a result, those apps are retrieving data, even when you are not using them.

To stop this drain on your iPhone’s battery, you can disable this feature entirely or disable it for certain apps. Begin by going to the Settings app’s “General” section and tapping “Background App Refresh”. You will see an option labeled “Background App Refresh” as well as a list of apps for which this feature is used. If you do not want this feature to run at all, turn off the “Background App Refresh” option. If you want to disable the feature for certain apps, leave the “Background App Refresh” option turned on and use the individual on/off toggle switches next to each app.