3 Good Business Ideas Related To Music That So Interesting
3 Good Business Ideas Related To Music That So Interesting

True music can not only be more entertainment. Music can also be a source of income for many people such as music studio. So, if you would like to find best music studio, This is my choice for a studio. What are some promising businesses related to music?

Business related to the music field is actually not only limited to the music studio business. There are many other businesses that can be worked on, ranging from musical instrument rentals to merchandise businesses. Come on, consider the following brief review!


Music Studio and Audio Mastering

This business provides a means for young people who love to play music. To begin, prepare a minimum room size of 4 x 4 meters. Complete the room with sound dampening devices on the entire wall, including the door. And most importantly, complete all the musical instruments and other devices needed such as keyboards, drums, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, basses, microphones, and others. For the rental price, adjust to the pocket of young people and the facilities you provide.


Wedding Entertainment

To hold a wedding reception, Indonesian people are somewhat perfectionists. This has benefited a number of business sectors. Not only catering business that gets profit, because there are still many other business gaps.

In the field of music, you can provide wedding entertainment services. By forming a wedding band, apparently can provide enormous income. Full band rental rates for the two-hour event are pegged starting at Rp8 million.


Private Music Teacher

Your musical ability can also be channeled by becoming a private music teacher. Especially if you graduate from music school. Education certificates that you have ever won can also be used for promotion.

The pleasure of being a private music teacher, you can determine your own schedule and tariff services. It’s different if you join a music course. In foreign countries, especially Europe and America, private piano teachers who already have names and quality, can get between $ 50 to $ 100 per hour.

Well, those are some good business ideas that you can do through music. In addition to some of the ideas above, maybe you can also get other business ideas through the music community.