Martin Paquette is no stranger to starting over about apa itu elementor. He worked as an educator in a young offenders facility, was a police officer and made his first investments in real estate in his early twenties.

At 30, he started over yet again. He sold his home and everything he had and moved into his parents’ basement to pursue his passion for wellness and nature spas.

Three years later, he opened his first thermal spa, Nordik Spa-Nature, in the picturesque village of Chelsea, Quebec, in the Outaouais region. Now 10 years old, Nordik bills itself as the largest spa in North America, welcoming more than 150,000 customers each year.

A second spa, Thermëa, opened its doors in Winnipeg in 2014, and a third one is scheduled to open near Toronto next year. He and business partner Daniel Gingras now manage 345 employees at Nordik Group and expect much more growth ahead.

Here’s what Martin Paquette had to say:

…on his first job

My parents worked for the government. Entrepreneurial spirit didn’t run in the family. It’s something I developed over time.

I didn’t do very well in school, but I excelled at sports. My dream was to become a professional hockey player.

At 18, I wasn’t drafted into the NHL. I had to find myself something to do, but I didn’t see myself behind a desk.

I was interested in jobs like becoming a police officer or firefighter. But with poor grades in school, it was difficult to get into the police program; instead, I obtained a college diploma in special education.

That’s when I finally began to succeed in school, because I was doing something I loved. My first job was in a young offenders facility.

…on finding his passion

I was making some money, so I bought a four-unit building. I rented out three apartments and lived in the fourth.

While training for the Ottawa marathon, I went to a spa. Within 20 minutes, the sensation of relaxation was similar to how I felt after running for three hours.

I was in heaven. I came home and started thinking about dropping everything and going into health and wellness and opening a spa.