Filmmaker Richard Kelly astonished an industry Situs Nonton Movie Sub Indo with 2001 cult classic “Donnie Darko”. The film promised the arrival of exciting new talent in Kelly, helped turned Jake Gyllenhaal into a star and is just an all-round great film.

Things began to fall apart a few years later. A highly anticipated director’s cut became the poster child for showing how a theatrical version can be far superior. His highly anticipated second effort “Southland Tales” arrived at Cannes to famously dismal reviews.

Kelly heavily re-edited that film which not only didn’t improve reviews, it subsequently flopped at the box-office. Kelly is currently working on releasing the Cannes cut of the film sometime soon.

His third film was 2009’s “The Box,” a feature film spin on a Richard Matheson short story, and landed both mixed-weak reviews and soft box-office – garnering just $33 million off a $30 million budget.

Over a decade since the film’s release, Kelly says he’s interested in releasing a Director’s Cut of “The Box” and explains to Slashfilm that there’s a ton of material to work with:

“There is a lot more there. There’s probably 45 minutes of scenes that never saw the light of day. Out of all of it, I’d say there could be 10-15 minutes, maybe more with a few additional visuals effects, that could go into that film.

A lot of the stuff that got cut out of The Box was big, eccentric, head-trip stuff. Now, I think all these years later, audiences are a little more open to cerebral sci-fi material… I think it would be really exciting to expand upon the world we were exploring in that film. That could happen.

I would love to revisit The Box at some point because I do think there is a lot more there, a lot more big science-fiction ideas. There were also a lot of big set-pieces that got cut. Expensive stuff. I was proud we pulled it off and shot it.”